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Paddle surf

This table Paddle surf, Stand Up Paddle Surf or Sup paddle board, it is the perfect board for those who have little experience, has all the necessary components included. It has very good stability, has a sleeve over 0.95 m. and light weight, which makes it very stable, easy to use and manage, is the perfect table for professional rental paddlesurf, rent pedal boats, pedalos, water sports, watersports, windsurfing, leisure nautical, nautical fun, resort hotels, beaches, lakes, reservoirs and rivers.

I has a paddle surf surface at its top and a plastic bottom makes it resistant Beater, rocks and falls. The keel is made of flexible plastic that can bend without breaking, but from hitting rocks, coral or sand. If desired you can be ordered keel fiberglass, if preferred to plastic.

It has a handle in the center of the table to pick it up and carry comfortable and easy.

It is a very durable table paddle surf, has a much greater that the vast majority of existing SUP life.

Besides a good board to run rivers, places that are not possible with other types of tables.
This table is designed and manufactured to paddlers up to 118 kg.

It is a great experience for practitioners in this Paddle paddle surf proving this sport for the first time in any type of flat water, also surfing in small to medium waves.

Activity that is fashionable, paddle surfing beaches for water sports. It is an activity that can be performed at sea, no waves and no wind, unlike surfing and windsurfing. Stand on the table is simple and can be done similar tours that would do in a kayak. Tables are similar but not identical, to the initiation to windsurfing. The blades unlike in the kayak, and only have a spoon at the other end where the handle placed hand thrust. It’s a fun activity to be in contact with the sea.

This table Paddle surf, has been chosen by many whitewater paddlers and canoeists for its great stability and security.

Measurements: Length: 3.35 m. – Manga: 0,96 m. – Thickness: 0.091 m.