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Kayak “Marengo 4”

It is manufactured in polyethylene, manufacture one-piece, self-emptying. Two-seater. comfortably leads to 2 adults and 2 children. Now you can make great rides sea with a self-emptying with this model kayak “Marengo 4”. It is an ideal boat for Raids !. This is the model Kayak excelecia family, kayaks game, perfect for surfing waves from the first exit.

Features: Length: 4,12 m. – Width: 0.90 m. – Kayak strut: 0.40 m. – Weight: 34 kg. – Capacity: 260 kg. / 3 persons or 2 adults + 2 children.

It includes: 15 bridges, plug, 4 handles porterage, integrated footrest, 2 integrated rod holders, 4 drain holes 1 loading zone 1 cinch, 2 carrying oars, life line, foam flotation kit.

Optional: drain plugs, mesh bag, fixed ero, adjustable cane, anchor kit.

Colors: Sol Ciel, Jungla..