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Kayak “Marengo 2 Special”

It is manufactured in polyethylene, manufacture one-piece, self-emptying. Two-seater. The most versatile kayak that exists in the market. Very robust, very practical and comfortable. You can sail it alone, as a couple or three with a child. It is ideal for the family, is a kayaks for trips to the surf from both at sea and in the river.

Features: Length: 3.70 m. – Width: 0.88 m. – Kayak strut: 0.40 m. – Weight: 29 kg. Capacity: 220 kg. / 2 people + 1 child.

Includes two seats luxe two detachable blades asymmetric paddles.

It includes: 14 bridges, plug, 4 handles porterage, integrated footrest, 2 integrated rod holders, 4 drain holes, 3 loading docks, 3 straps, 2 carrying paddles.

Optional: Drain Plugs, fixed ero, adjustable cane, anchor kit.

Colours: Sun, Ciel, Esmeralda, Diabolo