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Pedal boat “Mediterráneo” 4 places with curved slide

Pedal boat, pedalo model “Mediterraneo” (4 places) with large slide or with curved slide:

Pedal boats our pedalos Mediterraneo, it has the same features as the “Mediterraneo” (6 places), but with 80 cm.

less in length, and can navigate the four people comfortably.

For its over 3.30 m., is lighter and faster to navigate and is easier to handle, for its size and weight.

* Optional accessories:

Curved slide, Giant slide, Wheelsets.

Colours: blue, red, orange, yellow, green, lilac, pink, fuchsia, white, or other.

Measurements: Length: 3,30 m. – Width: 1, 65 m. – Weight: 100 kg.