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Pedal boat “Marengo H2O” (4 places) polyethylene

Pedal boat, pedalo “Marengo H2O” (4 places) polyethylene.

This pedalo, pedal boat is built especially thinking professionals holiday beaches, lakes, swamps, etc..

It comes equipped with 4 seats can navigate the 4 persons comfortably, with a modern design while sleek and functional.

H2O is the only pedal boat in Europe manufactured with technology “3 layer ultra-light”.

The 3 layers of reinforced polyethylene lend exceptional rigidity to the product while a surprisingly light and resistance to impact and abrasion, the only resistant to ultraviolet rays that exists in the market with these characteristics.

All materials used in the manufacture of H2O pedalo is 100% recyclable.

The high design style combined with rotational molding technology in aluminum casting molds makes all components such as handrails pedal boats, pedalos and handles, are co-molded ensuring a better seal and completely negating the possible ingress of water.

As the only pedalo that is made from cast aluminum molds, has never seen a finish in polyethylene pedal boat.

It is the only polyethylene pedal boat capable of withstanding the harsh daily battle that give clients hire professionals to beaches, lakes, etc., due to the stiffness and strength of the 3-layer polyethylene ultra-light, H2O has exceptional resistance to impact, abrasion, being practically indestructible, and does not require any maintenance, making it ideal for the professional pedalos.

* Optional accessories:

  • Swim ladder stainless steel.
  • Defenses overboard (set 4 pcs).
  • Slide.
  • Wheel set.

Pedalo Colors: white, granite, fire, ice, aquamarine.

Colors mill housing, slide and rail defenses: ice, saffron, aquamarine, granite, fire, green, red, orange, yellow, white, blue.

Measurements: Length: 3,39 m. – Width: 1, 63 m. – Weight: 120 kg.