Other products Marengo

Hidropedales Marengo, plus pedal boats and pedalos which manufactures and other products that you already know are like our kayaks, paddle surf, beach umbrellas, pedalos accessories (curved slide, giant slide, wheels, ..) and spare parts pedal boats, we present other products that we offer and in this section we show them: our embarcacions rescue, boat fishing or walk, zodiacs, jet skis, yachts, boats, boat parasailing, pontoons, watercraft platforms, floating moludares islands, beach walkways, buoys, water bananas, hammocks or loungers beach, and all kinds of products and beach accessories. These products Hidropedales Marengo that we present are like our pedal boats of the maximum existing quality and very robust, very durable and safe, are made especially for professionals rent pedal boats, water sports, watersports, water activities, resorts hotels, camping, water parks, beaches, lakes, reservoirs, rivers.