Kayaks Marengo

Kayaks – Wide variety of different types of models of kayaks.

Models kayaks “Kayak Marengo 1“, Model “Kayak Marengo 1 Special” model “Kayak Marengo 2“, Model “Kayak Marengo 2 Special” and model “Kayak Marengo 4“, beach recreation and aquatic fun, is unsinkable and it will comfortably in them.
Our variety and different types of models of kayaks, manufactured in lightweight and durable polyethylene, with materials and finishes of high quality, without any maintenance or repairs, so he pulls out a great performance. Thanks to its design have great stability and are very fast in navigation. Kayaks are suitable for professionals kayak rental, water sports, watersports, leisure and fun nautical marina, resort hotels, beaches, lakes, reservoirs and rivers.
They are used as private use and especially for the professional rental of kayaks, water sports, beaches, reservoirs, lakes, rivers sector.
We present some of our different models of kayaks most requested by our clients.