Hidropedales Marengo

Hidropedales Marengo, in the 80, started out as a manufacturer of pedal boats, pedalos and all kinds of pleasure boats. We have the widest range of products related to water sports and leisure: pedal boats, pedalos, kayaks, paddle surf, paddle board, and much more.
All our pedal boats are manufactured in fiber reinforced polyester (P.R.F.V.) , which makes our sales pedalos in one of the most profitable for buyers because we manufacture resistant pedalos, high durability, high security, with a lightweight, finishes and finishes of high quality and low maintenance, and all this is thanks to the material they are made. We manufacture of the models pedal boats and pedalos most recommended and ideal for professionals of rental of pedal boats and pedalos.

After 30 years in the field of recreation and water sports we continue renewing our offer and continually introduce to the market new innovations and new products that we offer below our sale section pedal boats and pedalos.

The company Hidropedales Marengo, manufactures any type of model pedalo, from the type model classic, as our models Mediterraneo of 6 or 4 places, pedal boats shaped car, as our model of pedalo Herbie (high acceptance), and also pedal boats shaped like animals, like our pedalo model Pelícano (our Pato). We manufacture and design any kind of pedalo model you require, it customize and produce as you need for your rental business: we can add an engine, change the color, redesign the slide, etc.

Our goal is to provide quality and best service to our current and future clients.

Our latest creation has been the pedal boat, pedalo model Herbie, and are working on new ideas so if you are an industry professional estate attentive to our sale section pedalos because we will bring more news soon.