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Fantastic reception of our Pedal boat “Pelícano”

Excellent reception and success that our pedal boat model Pelícano (pedal boat shaped like animal).
Pedalo Pelícano, the most suitable for children pedalo. Pedal boats shaped like animals, is the best fun for children and their families. Manufacture pedal boats shaped like any animal: Ganso, Pato, Cisne, Pelicano, Pajaro Bobo, .. This pedal boat is designed and manufactured thinking especially of the younger, decorated by an artist airbrush, with bright colors, is not manufactured two equal Pelícanos, all paint and decorate in different and bright colors. The pedalo Pelícano is the best way to draw attention of the smallest and also their clients. For its size and weight is agile and light for navigation and easy to handle, weighs only 100 kg. Pueden travel on it comfortably 4 persons as it comes equipped with two front seats and a large rear seat with a small platform slip stern.

Our pedalos, is made from stainless steel and bolts of the best available quality.

Our resins and gel coats are also of the highest quality and our manufacturing system ensures high strength and long life to our pedal boats, making them unsinkable as the upper body is filled with polyurethane foam.

The pedalo “Pelícano” comes equipped as standard with the following accessories:

  • Stainless steel bath ladder with steps aft.
  • Stainless steel protection keels.
  • Stainless steel handle, between the seats.
  • Rubber protection overboard.
  • Metal drain plugs.

* Optional accessories:
Slide curved.

The Pedal boat Pelícano along with the slide is the best fun for children and their families.

Colours: blue, light blue, red, orange, yellow, green, lilac, pink, fuchsia, white.

It is manufactured in fiberglass handmade. Reserve buoyancy includes: upper body polyurethane foam padding.

Measurements: Length: 3.30 m. – Width: 1.65 m. – Strut: 0.80 m. – Weight: 100 kg.
Capacity: 400 Kg / 4 – Equipped with two front seats and a large rear seat with a slip aft platform.. – CE approval.

This pedal boat is made for rental professionals pedal boats, water parks, water sports, beaches, reservoirs, lakes, rivers.


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